Affiliates – Become a Localnode Affiliate

Affiliates – Become a Localnode Affiliate

When you become a Localnode affiliate, you will earn up to 30% commission on each sale. An affiliate is a person who receives commission for helping a parent company like us to generate sales. All you need to do is to place our banners or links where visitors will see them, you will then earn cash on every qualifying sale made through your link.

Please note that there is no risk involved because sign up is totally free. Participating in the Localnode affiliate programme is very easy. You can simply mention us on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog.

We will provide you with a unique affiliate link as soon as you sign up for the programme.

Localnode in a glance

Localnode is located in Tampa, Florida, in a privately owned data facility.

Our home is a world-class facility designed for speed and uptime in the most challenging of circumstances. Featuring multiple N+1 General Electric and MGE uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units which take over instantly. In the event of prolonged power failure, our diesel generators start up.

Our site has multi-layered security procedures staffed 24/7 with proximity card readers. IP video monitoring ensures that hardware is never tampered with. Established in April 2010, we are a company focused on delivering first class, specialist shared and reseller hosting. We work with all kinds of clients - from personal websites to corporations, and are passionate about delivering an extraordinary hosting experience with zero hassle, plus the added benefit of amazing value for money.

Register an account

Our affiliate programme is open to both clients and non-clients - to get started, all you need to do is to sign up. A unique affiliate link will automatically be created for you, go ahead and promote the link on all your social media accounts.

You can also do this by sending a personal email to your contacts telling them about Localnode and our web hosting plans.

Please don’t forget to include your unique affiliate link, as this is the only way we will be able to track your sales and send you a commission.

Here is the link to get started:
Once registered go to to activate your account as an affiliate.

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Why should you consider the Localnode affiliate programme?

  1. Instant tracking of your referrals
Provision is made for you with detailed real-time information about your referral activity that will facilitate tracking and also improve your performance.

  1. No risk involved
There is no risk involved since registration is completely free. So you have nothing to lose even if you do not qualify for any commission. Some referral programmes demand that you sign up with a fee. Even if you make only one sale, you will receive a commission after 60 days.

  1. It is possible to earn big
Localnode has a performance based commission structure. The more sales you generate, the higher you will earn.

Why choose us?

  • High Grade SuperMicro® Hardware
Best hardware means the best server performance. Who doesn't want the best?

  • Value for Money
You won’t find a host this good at prices this low anywhere else.

  • Expert 24/7/365 tech-support
We’re always available, and we’re committed to fixing it the first time.

  • Quality Tier 1 Bandwidth
When it comes to speed and capacity, size matters. We don’t mean to brag, but...

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
We don’t tolerate downtime, and you shouldn't have to settle for it.

  • No Overselling or Crowded Servers
You buy it, you get it, with fantastic support staff to back you up.

Now is the best time to make money from the Localnode affiliate programme. Click on the link below and register