Localnode Partnership With CloudFlare


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Announcements & Events

After providing the best hosting solutions and support to our customers. Now we are moving in to the next level of web security. Our customers now will enjoy the fastest and secure web hosting using CloudFlare Service.

Localnode, Australia’s leading web hosting company is very happy to announce a strategic partnership with CloudFlare to make websites and internet application fast, secure, and more intelligent to our online customers. CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network that maximises your website performance by reducing heavy scripts and bandwidth uses. CloudFlare works on many data centres around the world and it costs you nothing. When you sign up for CloudFlare, they begin routing your traffic to the nearest data centre.

As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, our customers can now get this free service to boost their website performance and security. CloudFlare can be activated in a single click. Once you enter in CloudFlare community through our server, it will automatically improve your website speed by 3x and protect your site from spammers and online threats. We are pleased to offer the CloudFlare service totally free. There is no commitment. You can activate and deactivate it any time. We think you will like it.

About CloudFlare:

CloudFlare is a service, which improves the website speed and protects your site from online spammers and hackers. CloudFlare acts as a proxy between your visitors and your server. The result is a CDN, which is easier to configure. CloudFlare makes websites run faster, which is very important for human visitor satisfaction. The speed of the web site is crucial to provide a positive experience for visitors because slow loading result in higher bounce rates, shorter site navigation, and low conversion rate.

The network automatically optimises the site and mobile pages ensuring that visitors get the best download times and the best possible performance. CloudFlare’s solution also provides advanced security model that blocks online threats and limiting bots and abuse browsers wasting bandwidth and server resources. CloudFlare mitigated attack 300 Gbps considered by the New York Times as the greatest in history. CloudFlare currently serves customers in more than 150 countries.

According to Matthew Prince, co-founder of CloudFlare, CloudFlare power over 2 million websites ranging from small blogs to Fortune 500 companies and government sites, including UK.gov. The company maintains an aggressive growth with more than 1,500 customers per day.


CloudFlare is based in San Francisco, California (USA). With our unique technology, every month hundreds of millions of people benefit from a faster Internet, safer and more efficient. Considered by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, CloudFlare was voted “Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year in the field of networks and Internet” by the Wall Street Journal.

What are the Benefits of Using CloudFlare with Localnode?

Cloud Flare will improve the speed and security of Localnode hosted websites. Our customers will get many benefits after installing it on their website through our server. Such as

  • Decrease page-loading time by serving pages from a CloudFlare server close to your visitors. CloudFlare predicts that pages should load 30% faster on average.
  • Automatic blocking of spam, malicious code, and known attackers.
  • An interface allowing you to view the activity of the spiders on your site.
  • Reduced bandwidth usage (an average saving of 60% bandwidth), because CloudFlare serves cached versions of your pages.
  • Fewer HTTP requests for files or images (typically on average most CloudFlare users see a 65% reduction in HTTP requests).
  • Actively protect websites from a wide range of real online threats, like spammers, SQL injections, and denial of service attacks.
  • Get a daily insight into all of your website traffic, including security threats and search engine crawlers.
  • Quickly turn CloudFlare on or off at any time. Restrict CloudFlare to certain domains and customise settings for each domain.
  • Provides you easy to use, intuitive administration interface

Thousands of big and small websites are already using CloudFlare daily, and seeing the benefits. CloudFlare is built around the same sort of concept that big internet companies (like Google, Facebook and Yahoo) using for deploying their websites. So rather than keeping data stored on a single web server, the same data is copied onto multiple servers around the globe. This method not only ensures data is closer to your visitors to access, but also focuses on damage limitation.

How to Sign-up?

Any website can deploy CloudFlare, regardless of your underlying platform. By integrating closely with us, they make the process of setting up CloudFlare through your existing Localnode Hosting cPanel dashboard. Just click on the CloudFlare icon, choose the domain you want to enable, and click the orange cloud. That’s it!

We are proud that every day more than a thousand new sites, including some of the largest on the web, join the CloudFlare community. If you are looking for a service to enhance your web performance. So the next step is to join the CloudFlare community.