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By: Drew Germyn

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As all of our staff are remote (all over the world) we are unaffected by COVID-19. Our office address (in the footer) is primarily for mail and staff meetings, as well as any clients wishing to meet us. While this pandemic is happening we’re self-isolating and only travelling for the essential needs. Social distancing is also being followed whenever we are travelling for the essentials.

The datacentre we utilise which is in downtown Los Angeles has joined the state’s efforts by taking extra steps to ensure the safety of their staff.
They’re disinfecting any door handles, practising regular hand washing, using disposable gloves, and face masks. Regular testing of COVID-19 is being done as well.

Website Changes

We will be introducing new copywriting, and slight design adjustments to focus on this new content. While our current content is fine – we feel the need to change this as currently, it’s a bit bland. More headlines, more descriptive content, and generally much more content-focused.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.