5 Quick Ways to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Guides, Technology

Having a strong online presence is about more than investing in a well-designed website with first class hosting on a superior network. More and more, people are looking for product and service recommendations on social media.
If you don’t have a strong social media presence, then the chances are substantial that you’re missing out on connecting with people in your target audience. And while you still need to worry about things like superior hardware and superior software, you can’t afford to ignore social media.
Here are five quick ways to strengthen your social media presence without spending a lot of money.

1: Identify Your Audience

Having first class hosting won’t help you if you’re targeting the wrong audience on social media. You might get some clicks – but if they’re from people who aren’t in the market for what you’re selling, you’ll be wasting money.
The solution?

  • Identify your target audience’s demographics, including their age, gender, and income level
  • Identify their unique problems – what makes them look for your product?
  • Determine the kind of content they want to see and when they want to see it

Improper audience targeting can tank even the greatest content, so make sure to put in the time with audience research.

2: Create a Consistent Brand

One of the challenges with social media is that it can be tempting to share anything entertaining that comes across your feed. What you share should always be relevant to your brand. You should:

  • Create original content designed to appeal to your target audience
  • Share curated content that’s relevant (and make sure to add your thoughts)
  • Use a consistent voice and tone that’s in line with your brand’s personality and values

In other words, don’t share funny videos and memes unless they’re also highly relevant to your brand.

3: Engage with Your Audience

Time is a valuable commodity, and it’s easy for some business owners to neglect their social media accounts in favour of doing other things. But, audience engagement is a must. Here are some pointers:

  • Monitor your social media comments, shares, and mentions
  • Interact directly with your audience whenever possible
  • Encourage participation by asking questions
  • Include a call to action with each social media post

Research shows that customers want quick responses (within 24 hours) on social media and that they’ll write favourably about brands that prioritise social media responses.

4: Create a Content Schedule

Consistent posting is just as important as a first class network if you want your customers to sit up and take notice. To create your schedule:

  • Track your social media results, noting the best times to post
  • Create a schedule to maximise your engagement

Once you’ve created your schedule, putting someone in charge of it will ensure that you stick to it.

5: Grow Your Audience

The larger your audience is, the more successful your social media campaigns will be. To attract new followers:

  • Add social follow icons to your blog page and email signatures
  • Run promotions on social media sites
  • Include your social media information on your printed marketing materials and receipts

The most important thing is to get the word out about your social media sites.


It’s not difficult to ramp up your social media game. The five quick steps we’ve listed here can help you target the right people and turn social media into a winning part of your marketing strategy.
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