5 Ways That Reliable Web Hosting Can Help Your Business


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Guides

Web hosting is something that may be taken for granted. It’s not a flashy product. It’s something we don’t see, like the steel beams that support a skyscraper. That said, it is a mistake not to make finding a reliable web hosting company a priority.
At Localnode, we see our clients as more than just numbers. With our superior network and personalized service, we help businesses in a variety of ways. Here are 5 examples of how reliable web hosting can assist your business.

#1: Reliable Hosting Helps to Create a Solid Web Presence

It wasn’t that long ago that businesses could get by without an online presence. Word of mouth and other marketing strategies could help companies get noticed. Those days are gone.

Close to 90% of consumers rely on web searches to find local businesses. If your business isn’t visible online, those consumers will choose one of your competitors instead. While there are still some small businesses that don’t have a website, the number is shrinking.

When you choose a reliable web hosting provider, you can take advantage of the services they provide, which go beyond simply giving you a place to host your website. They also handle:

  • Providing security for your website and server
  • Updating software when necessary
  • Backing up your content

A good web hosting provider will guarantee at least 99% uptime, which means that people who go online looking for your business will be able to find it.

#2: Reliable Web Hosting Saves Money

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is thinking that it will be less expensive to handle things themselves instead of outsourcing them. In many cases, it ends up costing more because they lack the experience required and whatever they’re doing eats up time they could be spending more productively.

Web hosting doesn’t need to be expensive. By trusting a reliable provider with your hosting, you will end up saving money in the long run. The company that hosts your site will ensure that your site runs quickly and smoothly and that it’s available to your customers.

To handle web hosting on your own, you would need to invest in a server as well as software that would allow you to run it. You would also spend hours of valuable time that you could be spending running your business and attracting new customers.

#3: Reliable Web Hosting Speeds Up Your Site & Keeps It Secure

When a potential or existing customer visits your website, they’re expecting it to load quickly and offer them security, especially if they are using a credit card to buy your products. Quality web hosting can help with both issues.

Research indicates that most web users expect websites to load within three seconds. If you don’t choose a reliable provider, then slow loading times might drive potential customers away from your website. Both desktop and mobile users expect sites to load as quickly as possible and you will lose business if yours doesn’t meet their expectations.

In terms of security, customers will not want to buy from you online if your site is not secure. Google now labels websites that lack the proper SSL certificate with a “Not Secure” label that may drive customers away. A reliable web hosting company will allow you to buy an SSL at an affordable price and take care of behind-the-scenes security to keep your company and your customers safe.

#4: Reliable Web Hosting Increases Sales

As we noted above, customers are not likely to buy from your online store if it is inconvenient or unsafe for them to do so. Using a free host or attempting DIY hosting may leave them feeling that it is not a good idea to buy from you.

When you contract with a reliable hosting provider, you and your customers can rest easy knowing that:

  • Your site is secure to use and is properly protected by antivirus software
  • Your site will load quickly and won’t waste visitors’ time
  • Navigation will be fast, and it won’t be difficult for visitors to find what they need

Another case in point is how easy it is for customers to find you. If your website is well designed and loads quickly, it will be more likely to earn a high Google rank. As we said above, 90% of consumers rely on web searches to find products and services online. Partnering with a reliable web host will increase the chances that they can find you.

The easier and more intuitive it is for customers to navigate your website and buy your products, the easier it will be for you to increase your sales and profits.

#5: Reliable Web Hosting Helps You Collect Information About Your Customers

One of the key components of online marketing is knowing your audience. There are multiple ways you can learn about who is in your audience, including social media demographics and Google Analytics. That said, having a reliable web host gives you an additional avenue to learn about who visits your site and once they do while they are there.

Your web hosting provider should give you data that provides insights into your target audience. Used in conjunction with the information you collect from other sources, this data can help you refine your content. It can also help you to create effective marketing campaigns and stay connected with the people who are most likely to patronise your business.

Ultimately, the right web hosting provider considers its clients to be partners, not numbers on a spreadsheet.


If you want your business to have a strong online presence that retains existing clients and attracts new ones, it is essential to partner with a reliable web hosting provider who will prioritise your needs.

At Localnode, we have invested in superior hardware and superior software and we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time, so our clients can focus on the things that matter to them. Click here to choose a hosting package with the last web hosting provider you’ll ever need.