8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Your Personal Email for Work


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Guides

There were 3.9 billion email users worldwide as of 2019. That number is expected to grow to 4.48 billion, a 15% increase, by 2021. Given those numbers, you might wonder what difference one email more (or less) could make.

At Localnode, we sell domain names that many of our clients use for their business email. However, sometimes, when people start a business, they use their personal email instead of a dedicated business email.

That is a mistake. Even with a reliable web hosting provider, superior hardware, and superior software, you can still send an unprofessional message by using your personal email for work. Here are 8 reasons that in the battle of personal email vs business email; business email comes out on top.

#1: First Impressions

When you send a business email, you want the recipient to have a positive first impression of you. Your email should be well written, professional, and to the point. If it comes from a free email provider or your personal account, you risk making a negative first impression instead of a positive one.

On a related note, free email providers often flood their users with ads, some of which may appear in the text of your email.

Business email must be differentiated from personal email. Sending an email from your business domain name gives your business an aura of respectability and reliability that you simply can’t get from a personal email.

#2: Security

The emails you send for business may contain sensitive information about you, your customers, and your clients. It’s essential to have protections in place to minimise the risk that a hacker will be able to access your email.

Free email providers and even some paid services don’t have the protections in place that you’ll need for business security. With a dedicated domain name and business email, you will be able to put superior security software in place to protect your data and prevent theft.

#3: Privacy

When you use a free email provider, the provider may sell your personal information to their vendors or even to outsiders. If you don’t want your inbox to be flooded with spam, using a business email is the answer.

It may cost a bit extra to have a business email address, but you’ll make up the money you spend with security, privacy, and professionalism.

#4: Consistency

Have you ever moved from one place to another and had to switch email providers? If that happens, you’ll be forced to change email addresses and deal with all the inconvenience that entails.

On the other hand, if you own a domain name, you also own your email address. You won’t need to change addresses at a provider’s whim or because life circumstances require it. You can provide your customers with the consistency that leads to peace of mind and trust.

#5: Storage

It’s common for free and low-cost email providers to offer only minimal storage. If you are sending and receiving large files for your business, you may find that the standard storage package isn’t enough to meet your needs.

By choosing a dedicated business email account, you can add extra storage as needed. You are likely to start with at least 5G of storage and can easily upgrade if you need more.

#6: Service and Support

Personal email providers often offer only cursory support. If you have a problem, you’re likely to wait on hold – potentially for hours – before you can get the help you need.

Your business email can’t be held hostage by someone else’s bad service. By choosing a reliable provider that offers around-the-clock support and service, you can be confident that your email address will work when you need it to.

#7: Backups

In an ideal world, we would never lose data. We do not live in an ideal world. Most business email providers offer regular backup services to their clients. If you host email on your domain, you can use plugins to create automatic backups.

Either way, using a business email allows you to be confident that in the event of a brownout or failure, you will still be able to access your emails via a backup.

#8: Multiple Email Addresses

Finally, when you have a dedicated business domain and email, you can add additional users and email addresses as needed. For example, you might add a support email, a human resources email, and emails for individual employees as you hire them.

By contrast, if you rely on a personal email, you may need to settle for addresses that aren’t ideal for your purposes. You may also risk looking unprofessional if you and your employees have different email providers.

The bottom line is that these 8 reasons illustrate why it is essential to have a business email with a reliable and affordable web hosting provider on a superior network. Click here to choose your Localnode hosting package now.