How to: cPanel Two Factor Authentication


By: Drew Germyn

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Two Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA, or 2-step verification) is a security process in which the user provides two means of identification, in cPanel’s case it will be your cPanel login password, and a token (series of numbers) generated on your smartphone using an app.

Two Factor authentication requires a smartphone with a supported time-based one-time password (TOTP) app. cPanel suggests the following apps:

My personal suggestion is Google Authenticator.

Setting up cPanel Two Factor Authentication:

It’s incredibly easy to set up 2FA on your cPanel.
For this example, we’ll be using the new Paper Lantern theme, and Google Authenticator.

Login to your cPanel, and you’ll be presented with this page:

2FA image 1

The easiest way to find the button to set it up is to simply type “two” in the search bar (click the red outlined button):

2FA image 2

You will then be presented with this page. You want to click on the outlined button.

2FA image 3

Get your phone ready, and open up the Google Authenticator application.

You want to select the button on the top right (3 vertical dots) and press set up account:

2FA image 6

When done so, select scan a barcode:

2FA image 7

You want to scan the QR Code on your monitor:

2FA image 4

Place your phone towards the monitor and make sure the QR code is visible. Your phone will beep and you’ll be presented with the Google Authenticator app main page. Along with a code.

Enter the code and then hit “Configure Two-Factor Authentication”.

2FA image 5

You have now set up Two Factor Authentication on your cPanel account!

In today’s world of increasing digital crime and internet fraud many people will be highly familiar with the importance of online security, logins, usernames and passwords.
With standard security procedures (especially online) only requiring a simple username and password it has become increasingly easy for hackers to gain access to a user’s private data. Adding Two Factor Authentication to your cPanel account adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for potential intruders to gain access.