Speed up Your Website With WP Super Cache Plugin


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Guides

Website loading speed is one of the most important factors to improve search engine rankings. Running a WordPress site that takes excessive load time may limit the traffic, lower your Google search rank and reduce the overall potential of the website. So, a free caching plugin like WP Super Cache can be used to overcome this problem.  WordPress caching is the fastest way to improve the overall performance of the website.

This plugin can cache your WordPress posts and pages as static files. These static files are then served to users, and reduce the processing load on the server. This can improve the performance hundred times for fairly static pages.

What is WP Super Cache?

WP Super Cache is a static cache plugin designed to increase server performance, reduce download time and to provide transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration for WordPress websites. It is a plugin that has everything related to speed optimisation, first class hosting and performance improvement. It is compatible with both Apache and Nginx web servers.

WP Super Cache generates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress site or blog. After an HTML file is generated webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts. This will speed up the website loading time and thus improves the website performance to get more traffic.

Benefits of WP Super Cache

Some of the major advantages of WP Super Cache are listed below:

  • It improves the overall speed and performance of WordPress website.
  • Speed in loading and good performance may lead to improving site’s rank on Google.
  • Website pages start rendering quickly.
  • Reduced page loading time increases the visitor’s time on site and visitor may view more pages.
  • It improves the performance of web servers & sustains high traffic periods.
  • Saves bandwidth via minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and feeds.

Steps to optimize your WordPress sites with WP Super Cache Plugin

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

WP Super Cache 1

  1. Click on Plugins menu in the left pane>> Add New.
  2. Type “WP Super Cache” and search for it.
  3. Click on install button. It will be installed quickly.
  4. Once the plugin installation is complete, click on “activate Plugin”

WP Super Cache 2

  1. After installation, and activation you will see the result as shown in the screenshot below.

WP Super Cache 3

  1. Click on the Plugin Admin Page link to enable the plugin.
  2. Next is to configure WP Super Cache
  3. Click the button next to Caching On to enable caching>>Update Status.

WP Super Cache 4

  1. On the same screen as above, click on the “advanced” tab.
  2. First enable Cache hits to this website for quick access option to turn on Caching. Next enable Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files option, as shown in the screenshot below.

WP Super Cache 5

  1. Next in the same tab, you will find Miscellaneous and advanced settings.
  2. Enable Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors and other options as shown below.

WP Super Cache 6

WP Super Cache 7

  1. Once you’re done with all settings, click on Update Status
  2. Next you will receive this message below. Here, click on Update Mod_Rewrite Rules.

WP Super Cache 8

  1. Once you updated the rules you’ll see the result like below screenshot.

WP Super Cache 9

  1. Next set the time and frequency up to which the cached data on your server will be valid.

WP Super Cache 10

  1. Next is to set the CDN with the plugin. Enable and fill all the options as shown in the figure below and click on Save Changes.

WP Super Cache 11

  1. Next is to enable the options in Preload Settings as shown below.

WP Super Cache 11

  1. After some time has passed, the cache will start building for the site and after its completion, you’ll see a lot improvement in website’s loading time.

WP Super Cache 12

Alternatively, you can click on “Preload Cache Now” and it will start building for the site immediately.

Conclusion: In today’s scenario, The Internet is all about speed. The faster your site or web pages loads, better it is for users and for search engines. So, improve your WordPress site or blog’s performance by just installing the WP Super Cache plugin. It will not only speed up your website’s loading time but will also increase traffic on your website or blog.