Why Your Tech Company Needs an .io Domain


By: Drew Germyn

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When the time comes to choose a top-level domain (TLD) for your company’s website, you have a lot of options. The most popular is the ubiquitous .com domain, but it may not be the best choice – particularly if you’re in the tech business.

At Localnode, we provide first class hosting services and sell domain names, and our clients often come to us for advice about the best TLD to choose. One domain extension that’s been getting a lot of attention and use in the tech world is the .io extension.

Should you consider a .io extension for your website? Here’s what you need to know.

Where Did the .io Extension Come From?

Choosing the right domain name is essential. Even if you have superior software and superior hardware, you still need to have a recognisable domain name if you want people in your target audience to find your website.

The .io extension started as a country-level domain name for countries in the British Indian Ocean Territory, which includes island countries such as the Maldives and Seychelles. However, people in the tech industry joked that the “IO” could stand for input/output and the .io domain soon became popular for tech companies.

Why Is Choosing the Right Top Level Domain Important?

You might think that selecting a .com domain name is the best choice for your business website and in many cases, that’s true. The.com extension is still by far the best known and most widely used domain extension. However, there are some drawbacks to using it. For example:

  • Many of the most popular and memorable .com extensions have been taken
  • The .com extension is common which makes it less memorable than the .io extension
  • A .com extension doesn’t tell a potential client anything about what your company does

Ultimately, your top-level domain reflects what your company does and who you are. You want people to remember it and to associate it with your work. For tech companies, the .io extension has become the preferred choice.

Will the .io Extension Limit Your Audience?

Because the .io extension started as a country domain, you might wonder if using it for your website will limit your traffic to web users in the Indian Ocean territory. The short answer is that it won’t.

Google has categorised .io as one of its gccTLDs, which stands for Generic Country Code Top Level Domains. The word “generic” is the key here. It means that Google recognises that many companies and individuals outside of the British Indian Ocean Territory choose to use the .io domain ending. For that reason, they do not use the .io domain to target that geographic region when a business comes up in search results.

The fact that tech companies have embraced the .io domain means that it is now used all over the world. You can still use local keywords in your content, and your .io domain will rank in local searches if your website is properly optimised.

Advantages of .io Domain Names for Tech Companies

As you might expect, combining a .io TLD with first-class hosting can help increase your website’s visibility and search rank. Here are some of the specific advantages associated with these domain names:

  1. As we mentioned earlier, .io domains are less widely used than other domain extensions such as .com and .biz. That means you’re more likely to get the root name you want for your business.

  3. The .io domain extension is short, and short domain names are more easily remembered than long names.

  5. Increasingly, tech companies are seeking out the .io extension, which means that if you have a tech company, choosing this extension can help the people in your target audience to quickly identify you as a tech company. That’s especially important if you have a company name that doesn’t scream ‘tech’ because it means that your domain extension will help increase your visibility and industry recognition.

  7. In some cases, you may be able to implement a domain hack – particularly if your company name ends with the letters ‘io.’ One example is the company Scenario, which uses the domain name scenar.io for its website. Other ‘io’ words that come to mind include portfolio, audio, and radio.

  9. In mobile technology, it’s important to minimise the number of characters users need to type. Domain names with the .io extension are shorter and easier to type than long domain names and may help people find your website.

If you’re seeking a TLD for your tech company, you may want to consider the .io extension as a way of branding your company and standing out from your competitors.

How Much Does a .io Extensions Cost?

If you’ve already invested money in a superior network and first-class hosting, you may be concerned about spending additional resources to obtain a .io domain name. The good news is that a TLD with the .io extension won’t cost you much more than a .com or .biz extension.

Localnode offers domain names with the .io extension for $45.95 per year. That’s more than a .com domain name, but having the .io extension can benefit your tech company in a variety of ways.


While the .io extension is not as widely used or common as the .com extension, its popularity is on the rise among tech companies. If you’re looking for a way to make your website stand out, you may want to consider using a .io domain name for your company. You can register your .io domain name with Localnode here.

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