The Truth About Shared Hosting Myths


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Hosting Servers

It’s a cliché for a bad guy in a movie to claim that he’s been misunderstood. But in the case of shared hosting, there actually is a misunderstanding. In fact, some shared hosting myths are remarkably persistent even though they’ve been thoroughly debunked.
Localnode offers reliable web hosting that you can count on. Our shared hosting shatters even the longest standing myths because we pride ourselves on putting our clients first.
Here are some of the most common myths about shared hosting – and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Shared Hosting Isn’t Secure

The first myth we wish would go away is that shared hosting isn’t secure. This myth has endured, we suspect because when you have shared hosting, you share a server with other websites.
The truth is that the security of shared hosting all comes down to superior hardware and superior software. When a shared server is properly protected, it’s not any riskier to use than a private server.
At Localnode, we have invested in the best We use CloudLinux, which creates a LightWeight Virtual Environment to isolate each account. Isolation ensures that problems with one account will not degrade the performance of another.
We also provide 24/7/365 support via telephone, and email. That way, you can be confident that we’ll be there to address any security or technical issues as they arise – as soon as they arise. That’s the kind of security you need.

Myth #2: Shared Hosting Performance is Slow

Of all the myths we’ve heard, this is the one that bothers us the most. The only reason shared hosting should be slow is if hosting providers are greedy and overload their servers.
Reliable shared web hosting is never slow. It’s a hosting provider’s job to make sure that each client has the server space (and speed) they need to keep their websites up and running.
At Localnode, we never overcrowd our shared servers, so that we can guarantee that your website’s response time will be as speedy as you need it to be.
That means we don’t make the same profits that some of the bigger companies do, but it also explains why our clients stay with us. They know that their performance is our priority.

Myth #3: Shared Hosting Makes It Difficult for Your Business to Grow

Scaling a business is an essential part of growth, and it can be difficult to do if you don’t have a reliable web hosting provider and a superior network.
If you’re on a shared server, it’s true that you may need to be cautious while scaling your business. Adding additional web pages and content takes up more server space – and it’s important to communicate your changing needs with your web hosting provider.
At Localnode, we work with our clients to ensure that our shared servers continue to meet their needs. If you plan to scale your business, you can simply call us at any time to discuss your plans. We’ll be there to help you figure out a hosting solution that works for you.

Myth #4: Shared Hosting is Inferior to VPS

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become popular as more people get comfortable with cloud computing and storage. But is it true that a VPS is superior to shared hosting on a physical server?
The short answer is no. VPS hosting has its upsides, for sure. It may be slightly less expensive than other types of hosting. However, there are some attendant problems, including:

  • VPSs share underlying hardware with other virtual networks
  • Overselling is potentially a big problem if you choose a VPS
  • Control panel issues are more common with VPS than with a traditional server
  • If the main server goes down due to overloading, the VPS will go down, too
  • You may need to manage the VPS yourself without dedicated support

While you can save a bit of money by choosing a VPS, you also run the risk of unforeseen problems in an environment that’s not as supportive or proactive as you need it to be. At Localnode, we make support and speed our priorities.

Myth #5: Shared Hosting Doesn’t Offer Reliable Uptime

The final myth we want to address has to do with uptime. If you’ve ever shopped for a hosting provider, you know that it’s common to see a 99%+ uptime guarantee. At Localnode, we have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Shared servers can have a problem with uptime if they’re too crowded. In fact, we’d say that overcrowding is the biggest red flag in a hosting provider.
Localnode, as we mentioned before, we never overload our shared servers. We take our uptime guarantee seriously, so you don’t need to worry about it.


Shared hosting might be misunderstood, but now you know the truth behind the myths. The bottom line is that with a reliable hosting server, shared hosting is an affordable and dependable option for your website.
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