What Are the Advantages of CloudLinux?


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Hosting Servers

When you search for an affordable web hosting company, it’s essential to find one that provides superior hardware and superior software to its clients. Your provider is only as good as the tools they use.

At Localnode, we use the CloudLinux OS for our servers. We chose it because we know it’s the best. Here are some of the advantages of CloudLinux for you and your website.

CloudLinux Security is State-of-the-Art

One of the biggest reasons we chose CloudLinux OS for our servers is security. CloudLinux uses Cage FS, a virtualised file system that allows each of our clients’ websites to operate independently.
What that means in practical terms is that our servers operate in a virtualised live environment (VLE). When you choose our reliable web hosting service, your site will:

  • Operate in a caged environment that protects it from being infiltrated by problems on other websites.
  • Enjoy protection from malware and viruses.
  • Be safe from symbolic link attacks, which are common in shared hosting environments.

In other words, CloudLinux affords your site the best security available to ensure that it’s up and running when you – and your visitors – need it to be.

CloudLinux Maximises Your Site’s Speed

When your website isn’t speedy, you may lose customers as a result. Research shows that the average web user may abandon a site in as little as three seconds. You simply can’t afford to have a site that loads slowly or doesn’t load completely.
Because the CloudLinux OS keeps your website in a bubble separate from other websites on our shared servers, you can be confident that your site’s speed will be both consistent and optimal. That means you won’t need to worry that a slow-loading site will cause visitors to hit the dreaded back button and choose one of your competitors instead of sticking with you.

CloudLinux Stretches the Server’s Resources

In most shared hosting environments, there’s a limit to the resources available to each client on a shared server. If one client uses a lot of resources, the other clients may experience difficulties with their sites that go beyond speed – or the lack thereof.
By minimising the resources each client on a server uses, CloudLinux ensures that one site’s traffic won’t negatively impact another site’s performance. That’s crucial for any website that doesn’t have a dedicated server.

CloudLinux Improves Server Stability

One of the other challenges that can happen when a client in a shared hosting environment uses extensive resources is that it can destabilise the server itself.
Server stability is not something you can afford to overlook. It has a direct impact on your site’s performance and the experience your visitors have as they navigate your site, read your content, and buy your products.

CloudLinux is Compatible with Control Panels

Your web hosting provider’s control panel is what you will rely on to administrate your website. If it doesn’t work properly with the operating system, you may run into repeated issues with your site’s performance and administration.
One of the biggest benefits of CloudLinux is that it is compatible with the most popular and widely used control panels, including cPanel. cPanel is the control panel we use at Localnode because we feel it offers the most reliable performance and best features for our web hosting clients.

CloudLinux Can Help You Increase Your Profits

When you search for a small business hosting provider, you want to make sure that the company you choose makes it possible for you to be profitable.
While we can’t link CloudLinux directly to a percentage of profits, we can tell you that your website’s security, performance, and stability all translate directly to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. When your site visitors know they can rely on your site, they’re more likely to visit it again and to refer their friends.


The bottom line is that CloudLinux offers advantages to us as a provider of reliable web hosting, and we pass those advantages on to you as our client.
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