Why Quality is More Important Than Quantity


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Hosting Servers

We live in a world that seems to value quantity over quality. That’s the reason behind the success of fast fashion brands and disposable electronics. – They want to operate as cheaply as possible, and consumers want to pay as little as possible.
That’s understandable – at least on the surface. However, at Localnode, we believe that quality is always more important than quantity. When you settle for a lower price, it also means that you’re settling for a less durable, less useful product or service than you’d get if you paid a little bit more.
Because quality and reliable web hosting are more than just words to us, we thought we’d take a few minutes to tell you why we focus on quality over quantity – and why we think you should, too.

The Link Between Quality and Price

When people search for shared web hosting – or any other product – price is often the first thing that comes to mind. We all love a bargain and the internet has made it easier than ever to find low prices. That’s a good thing – right?
Well… maybe.
Here’s the thing. Low prices are good in theory, but a lot of times they mean that you need to buy whatever it is you’re buying more often. Let’s use something common as an example: shoes.
If you buy a pair of shoes for $30, you might think you got a great deal. And paying $300 might seem like too much.

  • The $30 pair of shoes is probably less comfortable than the $300 pair
  • The $30 pair won’t be as well made and will likely fall apart after a few months of use
  • You may end up replacing the $30 pair multiple times

In other words, that $30 pair of shoes might cost you less in the short term, but it could cost you much more in the long term. If you replace that shoes 10 times in 2 years, you’ll have spent as much as you would have if you’d bought the more expensive pair – which could, at least in theory, last you the rest of your life.

What Does Quality Mean to Us?

There are a lot of web hosting providers to choose from and some have much more name recognition than Localnode. We focus on quality because we believe it’s what sets us apart from our competitors, who make their money on volume.
Here are the areas where we believe our quality is better than their quantity.

  1. We have invested in superior hardware, the best that money can buy. Our solid state drives and RAID 10 configurations keep your data safe, while ClusterLogic Continuous Data Protection ensures we have continuous backups of your data.
  2. We have purchased superior software as well. Website administration is easy for you with cPanel loaded with Softaculous and CloudLinux.
  3. Our security is state-of-the-art, with the best hardware and software security solutions available to protect your website and data from breaches and theft. We’re happy to leave the dramatic headlines to our competitors.
  4. We offer the best support around. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and our pledge to our clients is that we’ll get it right the first time. Our quality promise to you is that we will take every problem seriously and resolve it as quickly as possible.
  5. We never overcrowd our servers. Overloaded shared hosting is one of the most common culprits in unexpected downtime. We take our 99.9% uptime guarantee seriously. With us, you won’t experience overcrowding. Just the reliable web hosting you need.

The truth is that we prioritise quality because we love our clients and think of them as family. We wouldn’t short-change our families at dinner – and we won’t short-change you with sub-par web hosting that fails to deliver on its promises.

Doesn’t Quality Cost More?

You might be wondering if our love of quality translates to a higher price for you. The truth is that our prices are a little higher than our competitors. That’s because we’re not looking to line our pockets at the expense of your website performance.
The good news? When we say that our prices are only a little higher, we mean it. You can still get our basic shared hosting package for less than $5 per month. Even our top-tier Ultimate Hosting Package is less than $17 per month.
The choice is yours. Would you rather pay a little less for inferior service with increased downtime and subpar support? Or pay a fair price for the quality, reliable hosting you and your customers deserve?
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