6 Reasons That Your Business Should Harness the Power of the Cloud


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Technology

It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about the cloud. Whether you’re talking about cloud computing in general, storing your data in the cloud, or the benefits of using the cloud, it’s a popular topic.
Why? Because harnessing the power of the cloud is something every business should be doing. It all starts with choosing a reliable hosting company, one that gives you access to superior hardware and superior software.

The cloud represents a safe, secure way to store your valuable data, collaborate with clients and employees, and protect your business. Here are six reasons that it’s time to embrace the cloud.

#1: Flexibility

When you use cloud-based software and file storage, you can work from anywhere you have an internet connection. That means that you can be out of the office virtually anywhere in the world and still work as if you were on your business premises.
The same goes for your employees. You can provide them with the flexibility to work from home when it’s necessary without losing productivity. That’s a big plus when you want to attract top talent to your business.

#2: Secure Data Storage

When cloud storage first became available, it was common for businesses to be nervous about using it. Would their data be vulnerable to hackers?
The short answer is no. When you have a reliable hosting company with a secure network, your data is safer in the cloud than it would be if you stored it on a hard drive. And you can even wipe your data from a stolen computer remotely. Cloud storage is more secure than on-premises storage and makes it easy for you to prevent hackers and thieves from stealing your data.

#3: Automatic Software Updates

If you’ve used installed software – and most of us have – you know how time-consuming and inconvenient updates can be. They can bring your workday to a halt and tie your computer up for hours.
When you partner with a reliable hosting service, they’ll automatically install security updates on their hardware. And with cloud computing, you’ll always be accessing the most up-to-date version of the software you’re using – leaving you free to focus on doing the other things you need to do for your business.

#4: Collaboration

It used to be that collaborating with colleagues required you to be in the same place. One of the most significant benefits of cloud computing is that it makes collaboration possible even if you’re thousands of miles away from your collaborators.
With cloud storage, it is easy to share files, chat with colleagues and clients, and bring your minds together even if your computers aren’t in the same room. The cloud has revolutionised collaboration – and that’s a huge plus if your business involves people who work remotely.

#5: Competitiveness

Small and medium-sized businesses are sometimes at a disadvantage because they lack the resources that large companies have. The cloud has had an equalising effect on many aspects of business, making it possible for small companies to match the speed and flexibility of their large competitors.
With the cloud, you can access the same software and advantages of any competitor – even a company that’s many times the size of yours. That means that you can all but erase their competitive advantage and give your organisation the best possible chance of succeeding.

#6: Disaster Recovery

The thought of losing your valuable business data and files is a scary one for any business owner. What would you do if a natural disaster destroyed your computer – or if a hacker shut down your server? Would you have a way to recover your data and keep your business up and running?
Arguably the biggest benefit of cloud computing is that it makes disaster recovery easier than ever. When your data is securely backed up on the cloud, you’ll be able to access it even if your office is inaccessible – or if your computer has been damaged by water or a virus.
Ultimately, you need to have peace of mind about your business and its vital data, even when disaster strikes. Using cloud storage and cloud computing guarantees that you’ll be able to keep going – and provide your clients with the service they need.


Cloud computing is here to stay – and for a good reason! It’s the most secure, flexible, and cost-effective way to protect your data and allow your business to thrive.
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