Can a Content Delivery Network Save Your Business?


By: Drew Germyn

Categories: Technology

At this moment in history, the competition for online business is fiercer than it ever has been before. There’s no denying that internet users have a tonne of choices when it comes to which websites they use. And research shows that each one-second delay can be directly linked to an increase in page abandonment. For that reason, having first class hosting is a must.

If you haven’t heard of content delivery networks (CDNs) now is the time to learn about them. You might not have one now, but I’ll tell you this…

Using a CDN is the kind of thing that could literally save your company.

Does that sound like an exaggeration? It’s not – and here’s why.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

Let’s start with an explanation of what a content delivery network is.

Simply put, a CDN is a network of servers. The servers may be located in various locations around the world, depending on where you need to deliver content. They work as a delivery system for static content on your website.

What do I mean by static content? That term refers to any content that doesn’t change often – content that can be cached. Things like JavaScript, images and even some of the written content on your site might apply.

A CDN differs from a traditional server in that its goal is to cache as much of the information on your website as possible in a location that’s close to the people who are accessing it. You might be using superior hardware, but your delivery system needs to be just as good as your hardware.

For example, a Houston-based company might have first class hosting with a company also located in Houston. That’s convenient for them. If the bulk of their customers are located in Texas, it likely means that their site loads quickly and with few delays. That’s all good.

What if that same company had customers around the world, though? What would that mean for their delivery times? If they had users accessing their website in the UK, Japan, and Argentina, the user experience for customers there might be significantly slower than for those in the same geographical area as the server.

Remember, even a one-second delay can have an impact. That’s why you need a CDN.

What Can Using a CDN Do for Your Company?

The short answer to why you need a CDN is the same one stated above – it could save your business. But let’s break that down.

Imagine that our hypothetical Houston-based company decides to expand to China. Suddenly, they have a huge influx of web traffic from Chinese users. Good news, right?

But when they take a minute to do some user testing and review their bounce rates, they notice that a lot of that Chinese traffic is bounding after a few seconds. Their website is taking too long to load. Internet users are impatient. They’re losing business.

Now, if this company has made a significant investment in China, it’s not difficult to see how they might end up in trouble as a result of having their server in Houston. The geographical distance is affecting the speed of their site – and it’s making customers impatient. The net result is that people who might otherwise buy from them are heading elsewhere.

Are you starting to get the picture? Using a CDN when you’re dealing with customers in far-flung locations can help ensure that you don’t lose business to your competitors. Here are some other benefits of using a CDN for your business:

  • It makes user of browser caching. When you use a CDN, visitors to your site are more likely to have certain items, such as fonts and jQuery files, cached on their browsers. That puts less strain on your website and leads to faster loading times than would otherwise be possible.
  • It ups the number of concurrent requests your site can process. Most hosting companies limit the number of requests that can be treated for the same content at the same time. Using a CDN allows for processing of many concurrent requests without slowing your load times.
  • It allows you to pre-optimize your content for users. Specifically, it allows for the compression of files, optimisation of images, and certain aspects of your code. Here again, the key is speed. In the world of website loading, time really is money.
  • It increases the reliability of your site. If one of your hosts crashes or experiences downtime, another can pick up the slack.
  • It reduces the strain on your primary hosting company. When a site gets an enormous amount of traffic, it can strain the host. Even a first class hosting company can experience delays and problems. When you spread out the load with a superior network, you also decrease the strain on each individual host.

You can see why having a CDN can be useful. The speed and reliability they provide can make it easy for you to keep your load times fast and provide users with the best possible experience. That means it reduces your bounce rate – and can also increase your sales.

How Much Does a CDN Cost?

For many companies, the question of cost is paramount. You know that not having a CDN can negatively impact your business. But can you afford to use one?

At Localnode, we offer our clients content delivery networks that use:

  • Superior hardware
  • Superior software

We understand that you need superior services every step of the way. Our first class hosting services ensure that you’ll get fast loading speeds anywhere in the world that you do business, and at an affordable cost.

You can get a CDN if you host your site with us by installing a CloudFlare plugin, or by simply using the cPanel CloudFlare plugin. It’s straightforward and intuitive to use, and of course, we’re here to answer questions if you need assistance.

Our first class hosting services are affordably priced between $4.95 and $16.95 per month. We offer discounts if you pay for several months or a year, making it even more affordable than the monthly prices might indicate.


The bottom line is that using a CDN is a good way to ensure that your customers – wherever they are located – can access your website quickly. The improvement in loading times can reduce your bounce rate. It can also increase your sales and help your company to grow.

If you’d like to see how using a CDN can improve your customers’ experience and keep your company from falling behind, click here to sign up now.