Computer networking services for home and business

Secure, cost-effective, and robust computer online networking services

Localnode Solutions supply effective computer and Wi-Fi outcomes for your home or business. Based in the Macarthur region of South-Western Sydney, we can come to you to assess:

We supply professional advice on which networking solution is right for you. If hardwiring is necessary, we can liaise with your electrician to ensure they install precisely what you need.

Then, we configure your network and settings so that every computer and device enjoys fast, reliable, secure Wi-Fi.

What is computer networking?

In your home or business, you likely have multiple computers and electronic devices that rely heavily on shared Wi-Fi. Sometimes, this load can slow down Wi-Fi speeds, or you may have areas with little to no coverage.

Our computer networking services ensure you have the Wi-Fi speed and strength you need for each device in every area of your home or business.

Not sure if you need computer networking?

It can be challenging to understand what will solve your Wi-Fi problems.

Imagine you have a huge presentation to print, but the printer is at the other end of the building, and you can't get it to work. Or, at home, you are streaming a movie on Netflix, but instead of seeing the movie action on your widescreen TV, all you see is 'Loading…'

These and other annoying connectivity problems are networking issues that Localnode Solutions can fix. Our team of expert professionals will provide you with trusted advice to have your home or office connected to Wi-Fi safely and, problem-free, fast.

Our other services

Custom Computer Builds

Custom Computer Builds

Bespoke Computer Builds
Computer Repair

Computer Repair

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Computer Consulting

Computer Consulting

Specialised Advice

The networking process

We understand the importance of great Wi-Fi connectivity through your home or office. Our simple networking process is designed to give you the best Wi-Fi optimisation available.

Step 1
First, we discuss the problems you are experiencing with your computer network and Wi-Fi.
Step 2
Second, we diagnose the cause, analyse optimisation options, and provide a quote.
Step 3
Third, you approve the quote, and we get to work.
Your computer network solutions start here

Your computer network solutions start here

Are you ready to enjoy fast, seamless Wi-Fi throughout your home or business? Chat to us about how we can help you.

Optimised Wi-Fi

What makes us different?

There are so many great reasons to choose Localnode Solutions.


Our clients love that we are real people who care about their problems.

We are always friendly and listen, so we can understand your needs.

This guarantees an excellent customer experience from start to finish.

Easy To Work With
Easy To Work With

Because we focus on putting you first, we understand the importance of keeping things simple.

Our processes are straightforward, our approach is genuine, and we always use everyday language to explain technical terms.

Attention To Detail
Attention To Detail

We are thorough. Regardless of the size or scope of the job, the details matter. So, we delve deeper and take the time needed to supply the best solutions for you.

With Localnode Solutions, you get the extra service, care and attention missing from larger companies.